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Funnels for entrepreneurs & companies ​who demand fast growth now!​

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​The first step to fast growth is strategy. Don't waste another dime until we've helped you put together a killer digital strategy for crushing your sales and lead generation strategies.


​Effective funnels ​​are the glue that holds your digital strategy in place.  With an effective funnel you may as well spend your ad money on lottery tickets. Let's develop a world class funnel you can be proud of!


​Don't leave your most powerful marketing tool to unqualified​ or ​inexperienced advertising. Professional ad ​​& campaign design ​is ou​r specialty... let us help you scale your business the smart way!

​Killer FB Campaigns That Make You Rich!

That’s our specialty… we help people get rich, create impact and change the world! 

Why are we so confident?

Because we’ve done it for ourselves for the 25+ years.

Digital authority started in 1998 building websites and helping people advertise online and off… we've built multi-million-dollar software companies, info products and even movies

Our most recent movie/info product and coaching ​system did 2 million+ dollars in 18 months - using FB advertising.

Today with millions of dollars in proven​ and effective revenue building ​knowledge behind us – we know how to get results both offline and online.

​And we now use these same advanced philosophies, strategies and tactics with our clients… effectively helping them to get rich.

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