​'Direct Response' Video Editor​...

Enter your text here...I get it, I too love great ​Copy, VSLs, Ads, ​Structure and ​​Engaging videos!

​.You want your videos to generate an action, a sale, an optin or at least engagement. That's what I specialize in.

Video editing for 'action taking' is different than brand video creation. I do that too, but If you want videos that demand action, I'm the video editor ​you've been waiting for.

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​3 Easy Steps

1. ​Check Availability

​I can only work with a few clients at a time. The more we work together the faster I understand your video personality, goals and angles ​and thus the faster, ​more in tuned with your needs I become.​ ​And the more engaging and aligned videos you ​receive. Click the button below, answer a few quick questions and I will respond ASAP (often within a few hours.)

2. ​Video Creation Plan

​If we decide to work together, and I agree to take you on as a client, we will create a scheduled and video ​creation plan. Even if they are just one-offs. Generally you supply the raw footage or audio and I do the rest. If you have specific wants, needs or desires, we will use your preferred content. But I may make some friendly recommendations.

​3. Video Editing and Creation Begins

Now ​the magic begins. ​I will do everything in my power to meet the agreed upon schedule​s, goals and deadlines, and communicate on the progress regularly.​ I have never missed an agreed upon deadline yet, except for acts of god (power outages etc.) or when the client did not supply​ the agreed upon raw footage on time.

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​​Video Editing Examples

​Book Funnel VSL (Vi​deo Sales Letter)

​The book ​​VSL sells tons of low cost books every day. 

​VSL Repurposed YouTube AD (Long)

​We repurposed the VSL to create this YouTube Ad. It did extremely well!

​​Video Editing Examples

​Google Ad That Generated Millions in sales

​This ad helped ​them​ generate millions of dollars​
​​from Paid Facebook ​and YouTube ​a​ds.

​9 Minute VSL ​​​​with a ​​​warm ​audience ​conversion ​rate of 12%

​A 9 minute VSL that sold tons of front end courses.

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​​Video Editing Examples

​Animated Book Flipping Video (Used in Text Sales Letter to Bring the eBook to life)

​​This 3-d animation of a digital book dimentionalizes or makes the book f​eel tangible.

​Evergreen Webinar

​​This evergreen webinar ta​rgeting the Law of att​raction / new age folks has sold over 100,000​ worth of courses. Note: New age / Law of attraction audience tends to respon​d well to the mystical, almost cartoon like nature of this type of webinar.

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​​Video Editing Examples

​Course Thank You Video

​​​This thank you video is the first video users see after purchasing the ​product.

​YouTube / Facebook Content Video

​A content video ​for Facebook and YouTube

​​Video Editing Examples

​Special FX Subconscious Reprogramming Video

​This Special FX video has some incredible audio and special FX ​animations to give it, its unique tone and feel.

​Special FX ​Module Intro Video

​Introduction video to a module in a subconscious reprogramming tool.

​Killer FB Campaigns That Make You Rich!

The examples shown here are just a small sampling of what I can do.

Most c​lients don't want me sharing the​ir ads, vsls, webinars and so on. So I don't.

I take privacy very seriously and respect every clients request, just as I would do for you. 

That’s our specialty… we help people get rich, create impact and change the world!

Why are we so confident?

Because we’ve done it for ourselves for the years.

Digital authority started building websites and helping people advertise online and off… we've built multi-million-dollar software companies, info products and even movies

Our most recent movie/info product and coaching system did 2 million+ dollars in 18 months - using FB advertising.

Today with millions of dollars in proven and effective revenue building knowledge behind us – we know how to get results both offline and online.

And we now use these same advanced philosophies, strategies and tactics with our clients… effectively helping them to get rich.

​6 Reason Why Digital Authority is the Only ​Agency You'll Ever NEED

​$0 Cost Marketing

​How? ​We specialize in ​advanced optimization ​that significantly lowers your cost per lead. Then help you monetize those leads immediately. So you actually make money on every lead we send ​get for you.​

​Secret Marketing Formula

​​Implementation of our “SECRET FORMULA” ​helps you to rapidly increase you customer​ base​ and build a solid, profitable business that you love and ​can be proud of.

​Big Money Marketing Campaigns

​We spend the time required to create big money marketing campaigns – not just throw some junk up and hope it creates leads. We do ​thorough market research to ensure your success!

​Proven Track Record

​We've worked with multiple big brands and entrepreneurs over the years. Increasing ​your revenue and bottom line is always our top priority​ regardless of whether you a huge brand or a local business owner​ we can help!

​​Advanced Ads and Video Creatives

​​We ​don't use the same old boring static images that inexperienced agencies ​use. Why? Because ​consumers are bombarded ​with simple images all day long, and ​they are often ​no longer effective​.

​​​Personal Attention to Detail

​We personally oversee each and every campaign, not outsource it to the lowest bidder – like most agencies ​do. In today's advertising environment ​it's imperative ​to keep a watchful eye ​out on everything. We have your back!








Our clients are ​​partners, and often​ more like good friends we enjoy working with. We love to work with other innovators, thought leaders and mom and pop shops that are on a mission to change the world or change their community one customer or client at a time​. Your success is our success.

Riley Dayne

​Chief Idea Guy and Marketing Strategist

​Riley is the innovative marketer responsible for turning "​​​The ​Abundance ​Factor" movie ​into a world wide hit using Facebook and other secret marketing techniques​. With him on your side, success is virtually guaranteed!

Troy Stuart

Lead FB Expert and Chief Technical Officer

Troy is a certified tech specialist and advertising wizard. With over ​25 years of digital marketing experience he has seen it all. Today he is a master ​of Facebook adverting, Funnel building​ and ​Web design ​& creative programming.

​Kimberly Anne

​Head Designer

​Kimberly is our head designer and is responsible for all things branding and design.

Haley Jennifer 

​Account Manager

​Haley ​is our resident account manager and dedicated social media expert.


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