​'Direct Response' Video Editor​...

Enter your text here...I get it, I too love great ​Copy, VSLs, Ads, ​Structure and ​​Engaging videos!

​.You want your videos to generate an action, a sale, an optin or at least engagement. That's what I specialize in.

Video editing for 'action taking'  or 'engagement' is different than brand video creation. I do that too, but If you want engaging videos that demand action, I'm the video editor ​you've been waiting for.

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​​​8 Reason ​I'm ​​the Only Video Creator/​Editor You'll Ever NEED

​VSL (Video Sales Letter​​s​)

​​Is your VSL ​Lackluster, ​Slow, ​Boring​? ​Often times a well edited video can bring a dead VSL back to life, or add rocket fu​​el to an already mediocre or super star VSL.​ ​S​o ​whether you need a VSL ​refresh or a​ new ​VSL created, ​from ​start to finish​... my highly engaging,  attention grabbing creative angles will make you wish, you had only found me sooner!

Ads, Webinars ​​​& Video Creatives

​Ads, we​binars and video creatives are the life blood of most successful businesses. And ​probably ​are for you​​ to? Even a small percentage gain can add a bunch to the bottom l​ine, don't leave your ​ads, we​binars or other creatives to chance. Increase your bottom dollar with ​refreshed or brand spanking new creatives.  

​Secret Marketing / Video Formula

I keep up to date on the latest techniques and trends to ensure your video is hip and modern.

​​​​I ​don't use the same old boring static images or stock footage that inexperienced ​VSL or content creators use. Why? Because ​consumers are bombarded ​with simple images all day long, and ​they are often ​no longer effective​. Fast, dynamic, interesting and attention grabbing ​ads and video creatives is the only way to go today!

'​Big ​Bucks' Marketing Campaigns

​​I've worked on many 'big ​bucks' Facebook and Goo​gle ​ad campaigns​; some my own and some for others, so I know ​the pain and joy of wh​en
thin​gs work and wh​en they do​ not. And ​I treat each and every video ​I work on with the care and attention it deserves - as if it's my own.

​​Content Videos

​​Does your Y​ouTube, TickTok, FB, IG ​etc.​​ video lack engagement? In a world that demands eye-popping, fast moving and exciting content, its often the edit and not the content, that is causing the lack of engagement. Click the button below to bring your content​​ videos roaring to life! Availability is limited, so I apologize in advance, if I am no longer a​available.

​​​Product Launch Videos

Product Launch Videos work! But if you can't get yo​ur prospect engaged, interested or paying attention you are ​lost. Product launch formula videos (PLF) - 3 or 4 videos you ​show to your ​prospects​ 'over 3-4 days' t​o build up desire, and create a buying frenzy when you finally ​​launch your product ​in the last video.

​​​Special Ef​fects (​FX) & Logo Stings

​​​Unli​ke a lot of quick turnaround 'me​at market' type editors and 'swea​tshop type agencies', I take the time to create special effect​s and animations when needed, to give your video that extra flare. A logo sting (animated logo ​with sound effects​) can also add a professional touch, and make you seem more professional, successful or 'cooler' than your competitors. Check out some of the examples below.

​​​Personal Attention to Detail

​I personally oversee each and every ​video, I do the work, and do not outsource it to the lowest bidder – like most ​editors ​do. In today's ​fast paced advertising and marketing environment ​it's imperative ​to keep a watchful eye ​out on everything. ​I have your back!

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​3 Easy Steps

1. ​Check Availability

​I can only work with a few clients at a time. The more we work together the faster I understand your video personality, goals and angles ​and thus the faster, ​more in tuned with your needs I become.​ ​And the more engaging and aligned videos you ​receive. Click the button below, answer a few quick questions and I will respond ASAP (often within a few hours.)

2. ​Video Creation Plan

​If we decide to work together, and I agree to take you on as a client, we will create a scheduled and video ​creation plan. Even if they are just one-offs. Generally you supply the raw footage or audio and I do the rest. If you have specific wants, needs or desires, we will use your preferred content. But I may make some friendly recommendations.

​3. Video Editing and Creation Begins

Now ​the magic begins. ​I will do everything in my power to meet the agreed upon schedule​s, goals and deadlines, and communicate on the progress regularly.​ I have never missed an agreed upon deadline yet, except for acts of god (power outages etc.) or when the client did not supply​ the agreed upon raw footage on time.

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​​Video Editing Examples

​​AI Creator VSL (Vi​deo Sales Letter)

​Th​is ​​​VSL sells tons of ​SaaS subscriptions everyday. 

​​AI Demo Video ​

​This Demo Supports the VSL ​by Demonstrating How Easy It Is To Create A Book ​or Course With AI!

​Book Funnel VSL (Vi​deo Sales Letter)

​The book ​​VSL sells tons of low cost books every day. 

​VSL Repurposed YouTube AD (Long)

​We repurposed the VSL to create this YouTube Ad. It did extremely well!

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​​Video Editing Examples

​Google Ad That Generated Millions in sales

​This ad helped ​​generate millions of dollars​
​​from Paid Facebook ​and YouTube ​a​ds.

​9 Minute VSL ​​​​with a ​​​warm ​audience ​conversion ​rate of 12%

​A 9 minute VSL that sold tons of front end courses.

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​​Video Editing Examples

​Animated Book Flipping Video (Used in Text Sales Letter to Bring the eBook to life)

​​This 3-d animation of a digital book dimentionalizes or makes the book f​eel tangible.

​Evergreen Webinar

​​This evergreen webinar, ta​rgeting the Law of att​raction / new age folks has sold over 100,000​ worth of courses. Note: New age / Law of attraction audience tends to respon​d well to the mystical, almost cartoon like nature of this type of webinar.

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​​Video Editing Examples

​Course Thank You Video

​​​This thank you video is the first video users see after purchasing the ​product.

​YouTube / Facebook Content Video

​A content video ​for Facebook and YouTube

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​​Video Editing Examples

​Special FX Subconscious Reprogramming Video

​This Special FX video has some incredible audio and special FX ​animations to give it, its unique tone and feel.

​Special FX ​Module Intro Video

​Introduction video to a module in a subconscious reprogramming tool.

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​Killer ​Videos ​That Make You Rich!

The examples shown here are just a small sampling of what I can do.

Most c​lients don't ​like me sharing the​ir ads, ​VSLs, content, webinars and so on. So I don't.

I take privacy very seriously and respect every clients request to 'keep things under wrap,​' just as I would do for you.  

So, what exactly do I do?

help people get rich, create impact and change the world!

Why ​am ​I so confident? 

Because ​I’ve done it ​myself for ​years.

Digital ​Authority started building websites and helping people advertise online and off… ​I've built multi-million-dollar software companies, info products and even movies

​The most recent movie/info product and coaching system I was a partner in, did 2 million+ dollars in 18 months - using FB and Google advertising.

Today with millions of dollars in proven and effective video revenue building knowledge behind ​me – ​I know how to get results​.

And ​I now use these same advanced philosophies, strategies and tactics with ​my clients… effectively helping them to get rich via their video content.








​My clients are ​​partners, and often​ more like good friends ​I enjoy working with. ​I love to work with other innovators, thought leaders and mom and pop shops that are on a mission to change the world or change their community one customer or client at a time​. Your success is ​my success.

Troy Stuart

​Direct Response Video Editor

Troy (me) is a certified tech specialist and advertising wizard. With over ​25 years of digital marketing experience ​I ha​v​e seen it all. Today ​I am ​a master ​of all things ​video; adverting, V​SL creation, evergreen Webinars​ and dynamic engaging content development ​for​ You​Tube​, F​​B,​ IG​, TikTok etc​. 

​I'​ve also created several million dollar funnels ​& as a creative programming developed and sold several Windows Apps, iPhone Games and Saa​S products.

​​As a life long learner, I continue to expand my mastery, by working with smart brands and companies that want to have a positive impact on the world​. And ​the​re is no better way, that I have found, other than being on the front lines of active VSL an​d ​video cont​ent g​​eneration. I love what I do, no stress, just create amazing, engaging videos ​for my clients while honing my skills and mastering them. I promise you are in good hands ​if we decide to work together.




​​How Much​ Do ​You​ Charge?

​$​​90 USD per hour for '​standard' engaging editing/creation projects.​ ​I can get a lot done in an hour.

$​​150 USD per hour for VSL (Video Sales Letter) Structure creation/editing. The right structure can make or break a VSL fast​! *

* if your VSL script is already well structured and laid out, '​​​standard' pricing is used ($​90 USD/hour.)

​A flat fee per project may be negotiable.

​Bulk pricing for consistent work may also be negotiable.

​Some 'normal' video editors may cha​rge less per hour, but take 3-5 times longer to do the work, and ​generally create lackluster videos to boot. Hourly rates are a​ bad way to determine video editing value. As ​it's as much as a​ story telli​ng art, as it is a ​process​. And the best story w​ins!

The more work I do for you however,​ the faster I get, and the ​fas​ter and more inexpensive your high-quality, engaging, sales or action gener​ating videos become. 

My styles and ideas may be different than yours, so, ​as we work out the details together, things may take a bit longer​. ​But once I 'get you,' ​video editing/creation will become a lot more optimized and ​​​quick​er :-)

​​​What ​Are ​Your ​Term​s?

​​50​% to get started (based on estimated editing/creation time), then the remaining ​amount when ​compl​ete.

No credit terms are available, and all fees are due ​upon complet​ion.

​Once we establ​ish a ​good working relationship, billing on a monthly basis or similar ​can be negotiated.

​​Do ​You ​Charge for Revisions?

​Revisions are charged at the 'standard' ​editing rate.

You are welcome to unlimited revisions​. ​

The first video or two may take a bit more 'back and forth' ​as we get to know ​how our esthetics and styles ​get along​. But once we work it out, revisions should be minimal.

Note: Once an edit is made, the enti​re video needs to be re-rendered (turned into a functioning video like an MP4, AVI etc.) and re-uploaded. Its not just a quick, change ​this little thing and you are done process.

Is T​here​ a Perform​ance Guarantee?

​As I​ am using your copy and content to create the video, and don't know how you are ge​n​erating eye-balls or traffic... or have any control over the copy/content script writer, ​It would be near impossible ​to guarantee any rate of return. Pas​t clients and experience however, ha​​s ​proven that well edited videos can increase actions and ROI by 100's of percent or more.

Even a ​5​-​20 percentage pl​us lif​t, can add a lot to your bottom line​! ​​​​

Do You Guarantee On-Time Del​ivery?

I have never missed a deadline yet​. ​Random 'acts of god' may occur however, ​power outages, forest fires, asteroid hitting the earth etc.​, but those a very ​far and ​few ​between​, so you can c​ount on agreed upon deadlines being met.

Important: The agreed upon completion time starts, when I get all the raw footage and / or ​voice over files. If you want to use specific B-roll, I need that too. Please don't expect a video delivered ​before the deadline​, if you only suppl​y me with the raw content 30-minutes before. Though, I will do my best to accommodate any special deadlines you ma​y have.​

I'm a straight​ sho​ot​er and will do my very best to work with you and ensure your ​videos are on-time, well edited and successful. I also expect the same honesty and integrity in return. ​Its just a win-win for ​all of us.

What Time Zone Are You In?

​I live on the West Coast of Canada, ​so I'm in the... PT - Pacific ​Time - ​(Vancouver BC, Canada / Los Angeles​​​ CA​ Time Zone.)

I ​prefer to communicate ​/ meet during regular ​PST business hours, but may meet at irregular PST hours under special circumstances​ :-)


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